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This site runs off the digital dragonblood that is nanoc. Web fonts: Inconsolata, Source Sans Pro and EB Garamond. Hat-tip to: Telescopic text.

Ponies & Light is run by Tim Gfrerer (@tgfrerer).

I’m a designer, coder and writer with a particular interest in spatial storytelling. I like to work collaboratively and across disciplines.

I started out as a journalist.

And I spent some time in academia.

I’ve worked with clients like Universal Everything, Nexus Interactive Arts, Getty Images, Philips research, Burgtheater, ORF, The Light Surgeons and the National Maritime Museum.

I’m Austrian and French.

I advocate open source software; some of my contributions can be found on github, some with added context on the Code section of this site.

Above text is available as a third-person, marketing-friendly, Executive Summary:

Tim Gfrerer is a designer, coder and writer, who creates narrative
experiences, collaborating across disciplines. With an academic
background in graphic design and new media, and over a decade of
experience in journalism and creative production for radio, he
strives to uncover the human condition as it is reflected in our
now and future.

There we go. Please consider contacting me before you copy paste from this page.


Unit 3, 410 Hackney Road,
E2 7AP London, UK