Ponies & Light

Mass Movement #1

Mass Movement #1

GPU orchestrated dance performances

A mass choreography of 1200+ toons, orchestrated by GLSL, performed in realtime on the GPU. Looks much better fullscreen and HD…

Dance movements extracted from files found at nicovideo.jp, in the mighty MikuMikuDance file format, with original VMD motion by @Yui-chan (?)

Music: “Ain’t We got Fun” – Benson Orchestra of Chicago, 1921, transfer from an original cylinder recording.

Inverse kinematics & MMD file parsing with help from Bullet Physics , VPVL and hexFiend.

Google翻訳ありがとうございます。(And thank you, Google Translate)

3D bone transformations are pre-calculated in C++, and their matrices pushed to an instanced vertex shader. There, the toons are fleshed out, morphed, and distributed in space.

Although the app runs at 60+ fps throughout on my MacBook, Screenflow had serious trouble encoding the frames at a proper rate when approaching timecode 2:19, which is why I used the excellent ofxTimeline by @obviousjim to render out jpeg sequences for the demo video. ofxTimeline also helped switching & tweening the camera motion matrices using a customised timeline.

Let’s make this interactive!

Made with openFrameworks.


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