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NMM Media Player

NMM Media Player

An HTML5-skinnable open source media player setup with special accesssibility features, for Museums

NMM Media Player

The great thing about this player is its graphical user interface, which is essentially an interactive HTML5 web page, overlaid onto a native, hardware- accelerated video player. The player can show language selections for multiple videos and can play these with synchronised subtitles and sign language interpretation. The NMMMP is open source and free to use.

Designed for accessibility

The NMMMP is designed for accessibility in two fundamental ways: for one, it allows museums to associate synchronised sign language and subtitle tracks to every one of their videos, and it allows visitors to choose from a selection of languages.


And then, with the user interface being a web page, the museum’s interactive department or web designer can create a made-to-measure design, with standard web editing tools, using modern html5, and test the design instantly using the Chrome browser.

Designed to keep running (and fail gracefully)

The NMMP is deployed on Linux and comes with a set of shell scripts that should transform a freshly set up Ubuntu 12.04 machine into a media player kiosk within 10 minutes. No need to buy a Windows licence.

The media player pc will the auto-start into a customised kiosk-mode and touch-screen interactions will be absolutely limited to the media player.

In the unlikely event that the media player should ever crash, a keepalive-script will instantly restart it. And if Murphy’s Law strikes and things completely go hay-wire (which I have never seen in the 8 months the media players have been running so far) you will see a fullscreen custom background graphic, showing the museum’s logo. I can guarantee that you will never see a taskbar or any stray logo or software update popup on a NMM media player screen.


Designed to be flexible and extensible

The unique architecture of the media player allows you to quickly adapt the user interface to be non-interactive (should you want to use it only to provide subtitles and sign language interpretation).

Since the user interface is html5-based, it’s exceptionally easy to hook up to web-based metrics systems, so that you could see in realtime how successful your media players are with your museum’s visitors.


Designed to be free

The NMM media player is available as open source and as a binary, released jointly by Ponies & Light and the Royal Museums Greenwich, under the MIT License.


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