High Flying Ultrabooks

“Gliders” is a creative interactive installation designed and build by Universal Everything to show off the possiblities and potential in Intel’s new Ultrabook laptop computer range.

It is a touring exhibition, which allows visitors to create paper plane-like Gliders, and fly them on a giant screen using Ultrabooks.


Together with Mike Tucker and Andreas Müller, I developed bespoke software in Unity to translate Matt Pike’s art direction into a playable experience.

For this I wrote a specialised plug-in (a customised external .dll) to interface Unity with the motion and orientation sensors of the Ultrabook, and figured out the maths to seamlessly apply the sensor input onto the experience.

I also worked on animating and shading the Gliders in flight, and made sure visitors could introduce enough Steiner Points into the drawings of the Gliders so that the tessellations would look pleasant, yet original.


Studio Universal Everything
Artistic Director Matt Pyke
Developed by Mike Tucker, Andreas Müller, Tim Gfrerer
Sound Simon Pyke
3d Chris Perry
Producer Keri Elmsly
Intro Photo Tyler Kohlhoff

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