Supermodel Interactions


I provided technical direction and custom software to Nexus Interactive Arts for an interactive billboard, celebrating the 10th season of one of America’s most successful TV shows. In collaboration with NIA director Evan Boehm, I developed an interactive video-sequencer which would react to passers-by in real-time. Using artificial intelligence algorithms from the past century, the sequencer created the illusion of a seamless, interactive film.

As technical director on the project, I also specified and coordinated the development of the project’s additional software components.

Max Worgan wrote what came to be known as the “human tracking” interface, and Dave Meckin joined the developer team as sound and SuperCollider artist.

Technical details 

Sequencer software built on customised 64 bit Mac version of openFrameworks.


Studio Nexus Interactive Arts
Director Evan Boehm
Technical Director, Lead Software Developer Tim Gfrerer
Software Developer Max Worgan
Sound Dave Meckin
Producer Ulla Winkler
Photo Liz Ligon



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